Monday, June 11, 2012

New Letter Notice ~ 6-11-12

Hello Everyone! Nyob Zoo Txhua Tus!

Okay. So lately YG Entertainment has been blocking their new music videos such as 2NE1's Be Mine. Thai music company RS Siam is quite following the same too and blocking off their videos. For me, to avoid such hardships on losing my Youtube account (I already got one strike, two more strikes to go before they delete my Youtube account for reals!), I'll start uploading videos that could be block on youtube onto to Dailymotion. Make sure to check there too! But I'll mainly use Youtube as my source for every video and updates there. If there are other videos which I did not upload onto Youtube, I'll post a notice on my youtube account, so just make sure to check my Youtube account sometimes.

Oh. I also update the videos for Show Luo & Rainie Yang & KnomJean's Over You. So that way, you can view the video first before downloading it I guess??? :)

Have a nice day!

- Mike

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