Sunday, May 13, 2012

Intro! Lus Pib! :D

Hello all!

This is HlubHmoobSubs official website! I know it is not the best to start off, but it is better than having no website right?

You'll be able to visit the and see all the download links for any videos that is subbed by HlubHmoobSubs. I hope to inspire others and hope that Hmong people can see and make Hmong literature into a good use.  And also to use Hmong more frequent too right?

If anyone wants to join this fansub, you can contact me through, or simply just comment below and I will try to reply ASAP.

Thank you!

~ In Hmong (Lus Hmoob)

Nyob zoo txhua tus!

Ntawv no yog HlubHmoobSubs li qhov website tseeb tiag! Kuv paub tias qhov no tsis zoo tag nrho ua yuav pib, dabsi qhov no yeej zoo tshaj ua tsis muaj website puas yog?

Koj yuav tuaj tau rau thiab pom tau tag nrho cov download links rau cov yees duab (yeeb yab kias) ua tau txhais los thawm HlubHmoobSubs. Kuv cia siab kom ua txhua tus xav thiab kom txhua tus neeg Hmoob yuav pom thiab siv zoo mus Hmoob cov ntawv. Thiab kom Hmoob siv ntawv Hmoob tau tshaj puas yog?

Yog leej twg xav koom qhov fansub no, koj mam xa xov tau rau kuv nyob hauv , los yog xav sau ntawv ntawd no yeej tau thiab. Yog li ntawd, kuv mam teb rau koj kom sai sai.

Ua Tsaug!

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