Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Letter Notice ~ 5-16-12

Hi all! This is Mike!

Before I was dumb and didn't let you all to be able to comment on this blog (it was actually because I didn't switch my blog comments & posts system), but now EVERYONE CAN COMMENT! :D You all can share you thoughts Cov PHOOJ YWG HMOOB! :)

I have subbed about 8 videos so far and 7 are korean music videos while 1 of them is only chinese. If you guys want me to try and sub other videos such as Thai, Japanese etc., you guys can always tell me too. When I have time I will do them. If the fansub expands, then more videos can be sub and then we can go on to dramas and movies if possible or however the people who joins likes.

Another thing I like to talk about is copyright issues with Youtube. Certain videos that if you upload it right away, the company that have the rights on the original video will not let you re-upload regardless if you just want to fansub etc. This is why I didn't post up the latest music video with Show Luo & Rainie Yang on youtube because I was having that problem. Another problem is that most likely if I try to upload Japanese music videos, it'll be very hard to upload Japanese music videos because Japan music companies are actually a lot more strict than Korean, Chinese, and Thai music companies. So if someone wants me to try and sub a Japanese music video, it'll be harder.

Well there aren't much to say, but how do you all think about having Hmong subtitles? It might be odd at first, but you'll like it too just as if you watch music videos, movies, and dramas with english subtitles. I felt that Hmong people are just too lazy to ever have Hmong subtitles on any of their movies/dramas. This is probably why Hmong people don't often use Hmong Literature as much and lack in reading and writing in Hmong language.... and which is why most people don't care to learn the PAHAUH (Phaj-Hawj) writing scripts (just saying because it is actually really hard because I've tried learning it once, but stopped it right there. LOL!).

So yeah, so just tell me what you all like and I will try my best to do so at it. :)

- Mike

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