Monday, May 28, 2012


Hello everyone! Nyob Zoo txhua tus!

****The Blue written words are explaining my thoughts so please don't get my writing confuse. :)

I just want to share something new that is quite unexpected within the Hmong community. Its a really big surprise (sorta I think). And this post has nothing to do with Hmong fansubbing. Sorry!

But yeah, I want to share it to you all and spread the love for this new upcoming Hmong film called "Hmoob Blood for Freedom".


This professionally-made film was made possible by hmong directors and producers all from Thailand, Laos, China, and America with the help of Thai professional actors and directors and producers. The total cost of the whole film is $700,000 USD!!!! That is a big investment for a hmong movie, right? First time too, right!?

The new film is unfortunately in Thai language (~with a little Hmong language they say~) with majority of some FAMOUS THAI SUPERSTARS (~AWESOME!!!! Actually, some of them are rising Thai superstars, but we'll see them a lot more in the future in more Thai lakorn/movies. :) ~), though for it is for international advancement. You can say it is not a bad thing too because the movie looks awesome with the cool professional acting skills from the Thai actors in the film (~Yog nej nco qab cov Hmoob actors nyob hauv Gran Torino, lawv tsis tshua txawj heev puas yog?...NO OFFENSE & SORRY!~). All of the Thai actors are of course handsome and pretty (~zoo saib tshaj puas yog?~).

And yes, the movie will be show in Thai theaters and maybe hopefully around the world too. :D This movie had already been shown one time only in Minnesota, USA for the hmong people there and has gotten many phrases from the hmong community already.

This is the storyline stated from

"In 1968, the Hmong living along the Kaokor Mountains of Thailand were recruited by communist insurgents to join their effort to overturn Thailand into a communist nation.  For the next 14 years, the Hmong waged bloody battles against the Thai government.  Some Thai officials believed that the Hmong's mobilization and patriotism to communist posts no great threat due to their limited number while others (including the character played by Suraphon Chatree) believed in the potential of the fierced Hmong warriors to possibly achieving their goal.  He sent his adopted son, Kaeng (the pra-ek (Phaj Ej/Hero) played by Akarat Nimitchai; his latest lakorn is a supporting actor in the lakorn Dok Soke), on a disguised mission to follow the moves of a Hmong communist lieutenant (played by Keeb Yaj).  Kaeng, who was born Hmong but raised by a Thai family, later believes that the lieutenant is his biological father--creating emnity between him and his brother (who was sent to spy on Kaeng to ensure that he does not switch loyalty after learning of his true heritage?).  Not only is Kaeng involved in a love entanglement with a Thai doctor (the nang-ek (Nag Ej/Heroine) played by Atthama Chiwanichaphan) who goes up to the highland to help the injured Hmong civilians, but he is pitted against the Hmong and has to decide whether to honor and fulfill his duty as a Thai soldier or rally and spill blood with his Hmong people for freedom. "
If you all want to get the DVD for this movie, it is unfortunately not release yet because the Hmong producers and directors have to follow the film industry's ways. In the film industry's ways, the film will be show in theaters, then within 3 to 4 months (~or longer~) is when the official DVD will be release. The Hmong producers and directors have to do this because this film was not only shown in America, but it will be show in Thailand too. So you have to wait just like me too. :(

The directors and producers have said that when the DVD is release, the DVD will have Hmong subtitles (~one of the first times where any hmong producers and directors really care and have hmong subtitles right!?~). It is obvious that there will be English subtitles on the DVD because they showed the movie in Minnesota with English subtitles (even though they haven't said anything much about having english subtitles on the DVD). One thing they haven't confirm yet is having Hmong audio on the DVD.

Because this movie is basically in Thai Language, it would be harder for the Hmong folks to understand if they don't know or remember Thai/Laos Language(s) or know English as much. Plus, not many Hmong people can read Hmong writings as fast any other main language in each country right? One of the director had said, "If the Hmong movie business is big enough for this film (~basically saying if the film is popular enough~), we will include Hmong audio too." But for now, we can't guaranteed that the hmong producers or directors will do that for us. I just simply hope that when the DVD is release, they will have Hmong audio too. Even most Thai DVD releases for movies from other countries have Thai audio on them, why can't we have Hmong audio for this film too right? They have the right to do that. But we all have to wait and see. I mean, I love Hmong audio too instead of reading all the time, right?

Well, I certainly want to watch this film so bad right now because this movie is about our Hmong people. This movie is truly a Hmong storyline and of our history & Thai history too. I hope you all will look forward to this movie. For further exclusive interviews & coverages with the producers, directors, Hmong actors, Thai actors etc. about this movie, please look into youtube channels: 3HmoobTV, HBCTelevision, & Suabhmongradio. Please check it out! :D I've watched the interviews and they tell you much better understanding of the film and why they chose to do this and that.

 MAIN GIRL IN THE MOVIE: Bowie Atthama Chiwanichaphan (Picture taken at 3HmoobTV in HBC TV station in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) SHE IS SO PRETTY! ~~~~~

More images from the movie :)
 This photo is Akarat Nimitchai (Main Guy) & Bowie Atthama Chiwanichaphan.

Btw, that girl wearing Hmong clothes is an actual Hmong actor. Her name is Xiam Yaj (as stated from 3HmoobTV). She only play as a supporting role in the movie. 

This poster is an older one which is why it only had "Blood For Freedom" without the "Hmoob" on it. If you look back at Bowie's image at 3HmoobTV, then you can see the update on those posters there. :) Perhaps, they decided and update the english title.

What are your guys' thoughts on this new Hmong(/Thai) film?


  1. can't wait to watch it!

  2. I want tis dad would love it!!! be great it they audio it in hmong...i don't mind the original...cause i luv movies to be original as they can be....great...but sad...i didn't know about it in mn cause if i did...i'd gone to the city to c movie previews ever n on the music that goes with the story...the ost that's in thai...luv it...wish it was on sale this comming up Hmong New Year...well i can't wait to watch it also!!!!