Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Coming back very soon! :D

Nyob zoo txhua tus! Hello Everyone!

I'll be coming back soon and be resuming my side hobby as subbing videos for Hmong people with Hmoob subtitles.

And believe me, HlubHmoobSubs is not just about subbing videos because I got a DVD for you all on the way!!!!!!! I planned out that 100 subscribers on youtube would be getting my DVD share, but I've changed my mind and I'll just share you all what I have or give you for now.

Guess!!! Nah, I'll just say it. I have the AYouDuo Music Video DVD for you all!!!!!! This music video DVD is quite hard to find now because it is out of print for couple years. You might see it at Hmong New Year etc., but you don't have to waste your money on it. I've gotten AYouDuo's athletic music video DVD, not bootleg whatsoever ripped off of youtube or something like that. :)

Here is the product information @

I know many of you probably seen all her music videos on youtube, or other websites, but this DVD has karaoke on it and the video qualities are GREAT! I'll upload it soon.

If you all think this is the last DVD I'll share, you're wrong! I have many more DVDs to share you all, but one thing I just want from you all is NOT TO SHARE MY DVDS ANYWHERE, but REDIRECT IT TO HERE. I'm a smart guy and I will know if my DVD are being reupload. The horrible consequences of reuploading my DVDs somewhere will be in secret. If you're gonna upload it onto a different hosting website, please message me on youtube and I will share and credit for those who uploaded to a different hosting website.

And just remember, if you all have a DVD you want to share to the whole world or to Hmong people, please send me a message on youtube containing the links and everything will be credit to you. I will take no credits whatsoever.

BY THE WAY, a little saying "thanks" to me or the uploader is good enough for me or them to want to share more DVDs and subbing more videos for you all. :)

Ua tsaug ntau!

- Mike