Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Letter Notice ~ 7-18-12 ~ Hmong Chinese music videos

Hello Everyone! Nyob Zoo Txhua Tus!

Recently, I had an explosive comments and tons of requests on to sub more Hmoob music videos, specifically from China. From the previous Hmong Chinese music videos, I mainly had my friends translate it for me to english and then I translate into Hmong. So the thing is, I cannot always ask my friend to help me translate it for me because they are very busy. If my fellow subscribers wants more Hmong Chinese music videos being sub, please be very patience. I myself am learning Chinese (Mandarin) and I hope one day I can translate them without any help.

Since I'm pretty much the only person here in this fansub I've created who subs, please be very patience with me also. Let me tell you all how its a bit more complex to sub Hmong Chinese music videos and so on. The big problem is finding the Chinese lyrics. Finding the Chinese lyrics is hard because these songs are not "big" for the Chinese people, but only big within the Hmong Chinese communities only. To be honest, when I subbed "Noog Coob Quaj", the Chinese characters were very hard to read for a newbie in Chinese language and plus, they were so small for me to even notice the strokes and all for the characters. After researching online, I luckily found the Chinese lyrics, and rewrite them out (as like in figuring out the actual characters) because the Chinese lyrics were on an image file. That was how I was able to sub "Noog Coob Quaj". As for AYouDuo's music video were easy lyrics to find because it is basically sung in Chinese and had already been released with Chinese lyrics. Everything is a lot harder than it seems. Let just say that Hmong/Miao Chinese songs sung in Chinese are easier to find and able to be translate while Hmong/Miao Chinese songs sung in their original dialects are a lot harder to translate with little information in Chinese.

Until more Hmong Chinese music videos, please be patience with me.


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