Wednesday, July 18, 2012

[UPDATE]: New Letter Notice ~ Hmoob Blood For Freedom :D

Hello Everyone! Nyob Zoo Txhua Tus!

This is just a little video updates for the new upcoming Hmong movie "Hmoob Blood For Freedom".
I do not speak, nor understand Thai language at all, but here is a few videos I found on youtube related to the movie.

And sorry I haven't been updating any new videos, but stay tuned. I'll have new videos up soon! Thank you everyone! Ua Tsaug! :D

Official Thai Trailer

On the Thai trailer, it mentioned "Best of the Festival". I wonder what if the movie was recognized as one of the best film, or its gonna be show to somewhere in Thailand. I'm pretty sure it is something like that. I'm still not sure though. If anyone know how to read Thai, make sure to let everyone know! Please just comment below on this post would be nice enough. :)

 Extended Scenes & Original Soundtrack 
for Hmoob Blood For Freedom

Beautiful music~! :D

 Thai Interviews with the director & Thai actors

You guys see that Hmong director there? I think the video was probably talking about the history in Khao Kor, the movie, and the Hmong people after the interviews with the director and the actors.

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