Sunday, August 12, 2012

I'll be taking a break :)

Nyob Zoo Txhua Tus! Hello Everyone!

I've decide that I should take a little break for awhile and then resume my fansubbing work later on. I'm not a robot who would fansub all day long, and I need to enjoy life for a bit before resuming my fansub. Well, I've decide that I perhaps should sub a movie, but I haven't decide yet if I should sub it or not. Before, I was planning on subbing some Thai music videos, but I think I will put that on hold for now too. My subbing schedule for me is unconfirmed, so please be patient with me.

Other than that, please enjoy all the music videos I have so far. :D
Ua Tsaug Ntau!

- Mike

So what should I sub next?
- Drama? (It'll be hard, but I can do it)
- Movie?
- More Music Videos?

You all decide. :) Comment below!


  1. Hey HlubHmoobSubs! Would it be possible for you to sub all of if not some of Miss LEI Ayouduo's music videos. There is a demand for it. If you have a Facebook please join us in

    It is a educational San Miao/Peb Hmoob group for scholars & enthusiast. We would appreciate your work! You will get a lot of hits that way because we have a lot of youths in our group who are ecstatic about their Peb Hmoob Culture. Thanks!

    1. Hi there. I'm very sorry for the late reply. I've checked out the facebook page and I'm surprised there are many more people who are interested in Hmong subbing work.

      The thing is, if I have more translators or helpers to help me out, it would be a nice. I would sub more of Ayouduo's music videos, but I believe majority of them already have english subtitles online on youtube such sorts.

      I appreciate for the links and I will surely follow the Peb Hmoob educational facebook.

      Ua tsaug ntau! :)